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Indonesia Textile Industry, Prioritized in Growth and Development

According to history, textile and textile products are one of the most traded goods in the international market up until now. It is a huge contributor to a country’s economic growth, especially for developing countries like Indonesia. It plays an important role in terms of creating job opportunities or employment and also to the total export trade. In Indonesia, the textile and textile products industry (Tekstil dan Produk Tekstil / TPT) stand as one of the industries that has the most significant growth in the last five years. Another fascinating fact about the performance of the Indonesian textile industry is the entry into the top 10 exporters of clothing in 2018. The industry is also numbered as a labor-intensive industry. In 2019, the industry itself had absorbed about 3.73 million workers.

Based on the mapping of Making Indonesia 4.0, textile and textile products industry (TPT) is one of the five manufacturing sector that is prioritized by the government in the matter of growth and development. The Ministry of Industry stated that in 2019, Indonesia’s textile and clothing industry had reached US$ 12.9 billion in export trade. In the same year, based on the data given by the Ministry, the main destinations of the Indonesian textile export are United States of America (35.92%), Japan (10.05%), China (6.11%), South Korea (4.90%), and Germany (4.21%). These five countries are the main market for the Indonesian textile industry with the total of 61.19% of the total industrial trade. Deputy of the Indonesian Textile Association (Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia / API), Anne Patricia Sutanto stated that the utilization of the export-oriented textile industry reaches 100%.

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